3 Mifi Wireless Service Starts From £70

Mobile phone operator 3 has announced that its nifty little Mobile wireless router otherwise known as MiFi, should be available online from the 17th of September.

The clever part of the MiFi is that you don't need any land line; just make sure that you can get a reliable connection from 3 Network.

Once fed with a 3 SIM card, this wireless modem is transformed into a traditional WiFi router but without any USB or Ethernet connection.

Since it has its own rechargeable battery, you don't even need a mains supply (it has a battery life of five hours) and it even has a microSD card slot (ed: can be converted to a micro NAS then?).

3 will offer two separate deals at launch, one where the mobile router will cost £70 and will include 5GB worth of data for £15 on a rolling one month contract. The other, a PAYG kit which costs £100 with 3GB worth of data which can be used over 3 months.

Launched at the beginning of the month, Up to five users can connect to this modem which is smaller than a mobile (ed: more than that would probably cause too much congestion).

Shame though that punters cannot add more than SIM Cards or buy even bigger packages than what 3 is currently offering. The biggest monthly quota currently on sale at 3 is the 15GB for £15 for 24 months.

Our Comments

It's a shame that other mobile network operators couldn't launch similar scheme. The Mi-Fi could also be used as a backup solution when a landline connection gets lost. Businesses relying on the internet could use it for instance to provide a seamless working environment.

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