British Men Spy On Partners Via Facebook

A recent survey has revealed that a considerable proportion of British men are more likely to snooping on their partners on the social networking site Facebook.

The research study, which included 2000 UK adults and was commissioned by crime drama channel Alibi, disclosed that a majority of British men spend at least 8 minutes snooping on their partner’s Facebook profile every day.

As many as 58 percent of the respondents admitted that they have looked up at Facebook profiles of at least two of their past partners, whereas 15 percent adults have updated their status on the social networking site in order to make their partners jealous.

Furthermore, around of the people surveyed (48 percent) admitted to reading their partner’s emails to find out an evidence of cheating, while 40 percent of women believed avenging ex-partners was justified.

The research study comes in the wake of the sentencing an 18-year old girl named Keeley Houghton, from Malvern, Worcestershire, for setting up an internet campaign of harassment against another girl.

The girl was sentenced to three months in an institute for young offenders and imparted a five-year restraining order after hounding Emily More for around four years and subjugating her to physical assaults as well as a spell of abuse.