More Than A Third Of UK Households Can't Get Broadband Says ONS

According to recent stats from the Office for National Statistics, around one third of the households in UK don’t have access to the internet, and 37 percent of the internet users can’t access the web through a broadband connection, simply because they reside in a rural location far from a telephone exchange.

Scotland, with only 62 percent of its homes online, is at the bottom of the list, whereas London is at the top spot with 80 percent of its households connected to the internet.

The report further disclosed a widening gap in the web access between users with higher education and those who hadn’t even completed a degree. Almost 95 percent of people with a degree have internet at their homes, as compared to 52 percent of those who don’t have formal education at all.

Furthermore, the 2009 National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) survey revealed that around 18.31 million households in the UK had internet access, representing a notable 70 percent of the total UK homes and an impressive increase of 1.85 million households since last year.

Of all UK homes, around 63 percent had broadband access this year, up from 56 percent from the figures last year; incidentally, the total count of homes with broadband access increased by 6.6 million since 2006.