Virgin Media "Overwhelmed" By Migrating BT Broadband Customers

Cable giant Virgin Media has been flooded with the users looking forward to switch from BT services, a spokesman for the internet service provider told The Register.

In an interview with the news website, the spokesman asserted that Virgin Media’s operations have been “overwhelmed” as the operator has worked to make sure users can assume its broadband services.

Citing the same, the spokesman said: “We have been overwhelmed with new orders, resulting in a few delays in getting customers on to our superfast ADSL broadband. We have now resolved modem stock problems and are working flat out to get customers up and running as soon as possible.”

A large number of customers signed up to Virgin Media’s ADSL broadband services are reportedly facing delays in getting their accounts activated. However, the cable operator attributed a sudden rise in the demand for its ADSL service, which is aimed at potential customers who live out of range of the company’s cable coverage.

Earlier this month, Virgin Media boasted its new “all-singing-all-dancing” ADSL broadband service packages that offered faster downloads speeds of up to 20Mbps, along with its own telephone line rental.

In a related news story, Virgin Media customers reportedly suffered an email blackout, with some of its customers complaining to only have intermittent access to their email accounts between Monday and Thursday last week.