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iPhone Screen Explosion Caused By External Pressure Says Apple

Following an internal investigation into the possible reasons behind exploding iPhones of some of the users in France, Apple Inc. has claimed that the afflicted iPhones broke because of “external pressure” and not as a result of overheating batteries.

Responding to the recent reports of defective iPhones, Apple has touted customer abuse as the primary reason behind the incidents of iPhone cracks.

(Apple Tries To Silence Exploding iPod Story With Legal Sledgehammer)

The company asserted that all of the handsets in question they had observed had cracked screens because of outside pressure, and not due to internal heating.

“The iPhones with broken glass that we have analyzed to date show that in all cases, the glass cracked due to an external force that was applied to the iPhone”, the BBC quoted an Apple spokesperson saying.

Last week, in its response to a European Commission probe into charges of exploding iPhones, the company referred to its internal investigation, quoting, “We are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers”.

In addition, Apple claimed that the number of reports citing battery overheating incidents it has been investigating were in “single digits”.

However, Apple has already had discussions with France’s Consumer Affairs Minister Herve Novelli, who, according to his office, would reportedly emphasise the responsibility of companies regarding general security measures when they sell products customers.

Our Comments

Apple is treading on egg shells with this. It could potentially ruin the excellent run the company had with the iPhone. Right now though, it is doing what needs to be done to make sure it doesn't all end up as a disastrous PR exercise. Remember that attempt to silence the story of the exploding iPhone?

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