Opera 10 Web Browser Released Without Unite Or Carakan

Norwegian company, Opera Software ASA, has finally launched the tenth version of its Opera browser for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms after a series of promising betas and one release candidate.

Opera includes a number of new features including a novel one called Opera Turbo which claims to reduce the time needed to download a page; Turbo uses Opera's Proxy servers to do the trick and if set to "automatic", Opera can automatically detect if the user has a slow line.

Turbo will compress images using its own proprietary algorithms and early tests on the public release version prove that the technology works perfectly although to be fair, on a 50mbps, you are unlikely to feel the need for it.

Opera has also brought in a new rendering engine, Presto 2.2, which claims to be up to 40 percent faster on Javascript-heavy pages such as Gmail and Facebook.

Unfortunately, there are still no signs of Opera's next generation Javascript Engine, Carakan, which promises to be much, much faster at executing Javascript code (between 5 and 50 times faster).

Also missing is Opera's futuristic Unite feature which adds server-like capabilities to your personal computer. Opera is still far behind the other web browsers in terms of market share; IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all ahead of it.

However, it is likely that technology in the desktop version will trickle down to the mobile browser, Opera Mini, which is the most popular on mobile platforms. Opera 10 which weighs only 6.6MB can be downloaded here.

Our Comments

Memory and resource management in Opera works wonders for my poor NC6320 laptop. Chrome pushed the hardware so hard that it was hardly workable (i.e. processor fan working full time to keep CPU cool). Opera changed all that and CPU temperature remains constant at around 55 degrees even with 10 windows opened.

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