Samsung To Launch Own App Store

After Apple, Research In Motion, and Nokia, Samsung has become the latest to announce its own signature apps store to let its smartphone users download multimedia content and applications seamlessly.

The world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer announced that it will be launching its app store on September 14 with a number of applications and contents for its range of Omnia smartphones.

Initially, the app store will be available for the users in the UK, France, and Italy, with the service will further be extended to another 30 countries in the coming months.

The app store will initially have around 300 applications, including e-books and games, with the count will go up to 2,000 by the end of this year, the company added. Users will be able to pay using their credit cards or their mobile phone subscription.

Omnia and Omnia HD users will just need to upgrade their handsets with the download icon of the app store, which will be available on the apps store. In addition, the app store will also be available on Omnia II, Omnia Lite, and Omnia Pro, along with some new devices.

Following the incredible success of Apple App Store, mobile manufacturers these days are simply embracing the concept of app store to lure smartphone enthusiasts across the world.

Our Comments

The current fragmented marketplace can only benefit Apple with its App Store. To the Cupertino-based company's credit, the App store is still by far the best online application repository around. If rather than just launching separate app stores, they could just band together, that could be more helpful.

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