Sony To Bundle Google Chrome Browser With Vaio Notebooks

Sony has agreed to install Google's open source browser, Chrome, on some of its Vaio notebooks and could potentially pave the way for a deeper collaboration between the two giants.

The Japanese company said the decision was based on Google's browser "quality and functions" and that only US-bound laptops will carry Chrome for now.

The browser was launched back in September 2008 but has failed to gather more than 3 percent of the global browser market.

Google struck a partnership with Dell a few years ago and implemented a specially designed iGoogle page for the PC manufacturer but it is the first time that Dell has signed such a deal with a Tier-1 PC maker.

The search giant is likely to seek similar agreements with other mainstream manufacturers as it looks to equip millions of personal computers with its internet browser.

Although Sony and Google declined to comment, such deals are likely to have a financial counterpart attached to it (ed: we guess Google could be giving millions of dollars worth of Adwords credits to their marketing department as well).

Chrome is the fourth most popular browser in the world but its market share still lies way behind the likes of Firefox which has nearly than 23 percent of the global browser pie.

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Last month, Microsoft announced that it will be shipping the European version of Windows 7 with a dashboard that would allow users to choose between Internet Explorer and other web browsers currently on the market. Google has been working feverishly on Mac and Linux version of Chrome.

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