AT&T, Apple Facing Yet Another MMS Lawsuit

Adding woes to the injuries of Apple Inc. and AT&T that have already been troubled with the reports of “exploding” iPhones, the duo has been slapped with two more lawsuits accusing that it misguided customers about the iPhone’s capability of sending MMS.

Earlier this month, a couple of essentially similar lawsuits were filed in Illinois and Louisiana, and now, two more legal suits, both filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, alleged that the companies advertised the MMS feature only to sell the device.

A large number of users are disappointed at AT&T and Apple as these companies made the customers to believe that MMS feature will be available with the iPhone at launch.

However, the iPhone do support MMS functionality, but the feature isn’t yet supported by the network of AT&T, the official carrier of the iPhone in the US.

Back in June, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the companies announced that the MMS feature wouldn’t be available on the device until late this summer. However, the feature is yet to appear on the iPhone.

During the conference, A spokesman for AT&T stated that: “We absolutely will offer MMS on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G with 3.0 upgrades in late summer once we complete some system upgrades that will ensure our customers have the best experience with MMS”.

Our Comments

This is likely to last much longer than expected. AT&T in particular may like O2 face "user fatigue", something which may encourage Apple to distribute its smartphone through other networks. AT&T and O2 have been pretty restrictive when it comes to the iPhone because of their exclusivity clause, something that has left their customers disappointed.

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Apple, AT&T face yet another iPhone MMS lawsuit