Council Forbids Employees From Using Facebook

A council is set to ban its staff from using the social networking website Facebook after it was disclosed that its staffers visited the platform an average of 413 hours in a month.

Stats released under the Freedom of Information act revealed that the usage of the site by the workers of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) reached its peak at 572 hours, equivalent to 71 working days, last month.

The council has introduced an organisation-wide ban over the usage of the website after it realised that the workers have been wasting a considerable amount of their working time in accessing the site.

Under the current arrangement, staffers are allowed to use Facebook during lunch time and after their work, but the new rules would forbid all its 4,500 employees from accessing the popular social networking website.

The chief exec of the council David Williams said: “We intend to restrict internet access to social networking sites more than at present for non-business use. Any member of staff may, under this revised policy, make a business case to have these sites unblocked.”

However, he asserted that the access to the site would be permitted if it involves some official purpose, but its usage for personal purpose would be completely prohibited in the council.

Our Comments

It would be interesting to see whether some employees are going to say that the ban infringes on their human rights. We're a bit skeptical about the statistics published though. 572 hours a month for 4500 employees is only 22 seconds per day per employee (assuming 20 working days per month) which in all honesty is ridiculously low.

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