Is The Nokia N97 Mini Worth It At All?

The N97 Mini smartphone has now been officially released and is already available on pre-order from Nokia's UK store for £433.

But given the price of the N97, the forthcoming availability of Nokia's own N900 Internet Tablet and numerous other competitors sold around this price bracket, one has to ask whether the N97 mini makes sense at all.

The N97 which was released back in June 2009 and can already be found for £440 at Amazon including delivery, barely £7 more than the N97 mini.

The N97 is obviously significantly better than its little brother. It comes with a bigger screen, four times more memory and according to many, a better keyboard.

Nokia also has another contender, the N900, which is also currently on pre-order for £499, the same as the N97 at Nokia UK store. The N900 is £60 more expensive than the N97 but can be considered it to be in another league altogether.

It is powered by Maemo, comes with a significantly more powerful processor and much more (see 5 Reasons Why The N900 Is Better Than The N97).

One can't also overlook Nokia's other popular phone, the 5800 Xpressmusic, which be purchased for as little as £150 from online resellers like Prepaymania.

Now the 5800 doesn't have any keyboard and has a lower resolution camera but other than that, they share the same amount of memory (8GB) and the same screen.

Plus the 5800 not only costs a third of the N97 mini but is also compatible with Nokia's Comes With Music. So unless the N97 mini goes down in price significantly over the next few months, it is not likely to perform poorly.

We didn't even get started on other manufacturer's smartphones. HTC Touch HD for example is also a great mobile phone available for £450 while the Samsung Pixon 12, a 12-megapixel camera costs £500 at Play, the same as the 8GB iPhone 3G.