Sony To Debut 3D LCD TV Sets In 2010

Sony has announced at an IFA event in Berlin, Germany, that it will be launching 3D television for households as early as next year without giving a more precise time frame.

Sir Howard Stringer, the CEO of the Consumer giant, told an attentive audience at the IFA that 3D was “clearly on its way to becoming a mass market technology” adding that “A variety of issues still need to be addressed, but the 3D train is on the track and Sony is ready to drive it home”.

The Japanese company hopes to launch a slew of 3D-capable devices including Bravia Television sets, Vaio laptops & desktops, PS3 Games and Blu-Ray players. Content will be critical for the success of any 3D ventures.

Sky and Channel 4 have already announced plans for a 3D channel in 2010, just in time for the World Cup in South Africa. Virgin Media has already broadcasted 3D content and there are already dozens of 3D movies queuing up to be screened in Cinemas across the world.

Perhaps more significantly are the plans for Sony to push out for 3D games like Gran Turismo that was demoed at IFA. There are also talks of having two version of one movie on one Blu-ray disc, something that could once and for all, convince people to upgrade their DVD archives.

Our Comments

As for all pioneering technologies, prices are expected to be relatively high. Blu-ray players used to fetch thousands and are now available for under £100. Similarly, Bravia 3D sets could go on sale for around £4000 or more, especially given the fact that they are likely to be 40-inch models or more.

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