Virgin Media Drops Price Of 50mbps Broadband

As expected, cable Powerhouse Virgin Media has dropped the price of its flagship offer, the XXL 50mbps broadband, from £35 to £18 for a limited period when buying a phone line at the same time.

The introductory price of £18 per month will revert to £28 after 90 days, still a not-so-insignificant saving of £72 for one year. There's also an additional monthly cost of £11 for the phone line which means that you won't need a BT landline.

Users can also get the broadband service without a Virgin Phone line at the cost of £33 per month for the first 3 months, rising to £38 after that, down from £50 per month only 48 hours ago. Note that the prices are only applicable if you pay by Direct Debit and use eBilling.

Virgin Media provides with some additional features that it often fails to mention or market; the 50mbps package does not come with traffic management unlike the slower versions. There's a Wireless N router in the pack as well as 1200 free photo prints courtesy of HP's Snapfish.

Other goodies include unlimited free online storage, automatic backup service and free PCGuard Total and free installation which is a limited time offer.

Our Comments

Virgin Media also launched a netbook deal last month where you can get a free netbook when you buy their mobile broadband, TV, phone, fixed line broadband for £40 a month.

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