Google Chrome Celebrates First Birthday

Google Chrome marked its first birthday yesterday, on September 2, and with 3 percent market share, the browser has managed to grab a not-so-insignificant share of the browser pie during the past one year.

Although the three percent market share looks small as against 66 percent share for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Firefox’s 23 percent share, the figure seems to be pretty good for the browser that’s only twelve-months old.

The Mac and Linux versions of the browser are impending, and Google has just penned a deal with Sony to incorporate Chrome as the default browser in its new Vaio notebooks, indicating that the market share for the browser could increase soon.

However, the last year has shown some of the key changes in Google’s policies in web browser arena; the search engine giant apparently stopped promoting Mozilla Firefox, though the two companies still have mutually beneficial relationships.

Furthermore, the new browser has propped up the confusion for Mozilla on whether to consider Google Chrome a rival to Firefox; Google ads still remain the chief source of revenues for the foundation.

Google has also started to tell its users that its services, particularly Gmail, work better with Chrome browser. This is primarily because Google Chrome handles rich AJAX services well, and Gmail uses AJAX quite extensively.

Our Comments

Chrome has already reached version 4, albeit in its developer channel. Firefox is still at version 3 while Internet Explorer just reached version 8. It could show that Chrome is keen to move faster, much faster than the other browsers and bearing in mind that Chrome as an OS has already been announced, its second year could well prove spectacular.

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