Google To Give One Million Free Ebooks To Cool-er Ebook Reader

Interead, the company behind the popular e-book reader COOL-ER, has penned a deal with Google to provide books from Google Books, the search engine giant’s online library, on its website

This deal makes the company first e-book store outside the US to have more than one million public domain literary works compiled by Google.

All the titles on the website will be free to download, letting e-book enthusiasts search their favourite titles from the massive collection of one million books.

However, consumers in the UK will only have around half of these publications on their e-books, because of license restrictions. But, it would still leave them with a whopping 500,000 titles to search from.

Furthermore, the company vowed that it will incorporate a massive two million e-books on its online store by the end of this year, along with support for as many as 19 formats, including MP3 for audiobooks and PDF.

With more than a million e-books available for purchase and free download, the partnership would make the largest online e-book store in the world.

On the other hand, it would further place Google better in the e-book domain, which is as of now being dominated by Amazon.

Our Comments

We're not sure what will Google gain from that. Many of these books are already available through a number of other websites including Ebay. Since those books are downloadable, it means that Google won't be able to get any revenues through advertising. The only reason it struck this deal therefore appears to be down to its will to harm Amazon's Kindle.

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