Intel and Microsoft To Make Windows 7 A Faster Beast

In a bid to further promote the new Windows 7 operating system, particularly in the wake of Windows Vista, Microsoft and Intel claim they have poured in great efforts to make the upcoming OS function better than ever before.

The two tech giants held a press conference in San Francisco to demonstrate ways in which Windows 7 would benefit from new Intel-based hardware, along with capabilities of Intel’s range of 32nm processors.

The primary topics that were at the focal point of the press conference include encryption speeds, enhanced efficiency, and the performance of the multi-threaded tasks. The duo claimed that the upcoming OS will offer “better battery life and quicker boot times” to its users.

Microsoft pitched its hopes that Windows 7 would perform as promised, and would definitely avoid the negative publicity linked with Windows Vista. Both the companies said they collaborated more comprehensively to deliver the product “they are proud of”.

Furthermore, the duo asserted that the OS would score better when it comes to security, as Intel's technology could enhance the speeds of disk encryption by a factor of ten times.

When asked about the benchmark data for the OS, Ruston Panabaker, chief programme manager at Microsoft, asserted that the company is looking to gauge real-world performance instead of using lab tests.

Citing the same, he said: “What we have learned over time is to focus on the responsiveness of the system. The task the user is doing is more important than a benchmark or raw performance”.

Our Comments

Intel knows that Windows 7 will be critical to boosting its own sales. People ought to be flocking to buy new computers, servers, internet devices and everything in between. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 has already gathered some very positive feedback and could turn out to be Microsoft's most successful OS yet.

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