Microsoft Announced 90-day Trial Version Of Windows 7 Enterprise

Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced to offer free 90-day trial of the finished iteration of its new Windows 7 Enterprise edition, offering businesses with no TechNet, MSDN, or volume licensing subscription an opportunity to try the new OS for application as well as hardware compatibility before it officially enters the market on October 22.

The trial version has specifically been tailored for IT professionals accountable for desktop administration in their organisations. Interested users can download the trial version of the OS from Microsoft’s TechNet website and test its features and capabilities for free for a 90-day period.

Microsoft’s apparent objective is to offer organisations that have been assessing the Release Candidate a way to keep on their efforts with the completed release-to-manufacturing code of the new OS.

“If you are an IT Pro who does not have a Software Assurance Volume Licensing agreement and are not an MSDN/TechNet subscriber, you can download the Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trial”, the company noted in a blog post.

However, Microsoft has issued a limited number of trial version copies for users, and it would only be available until supplies last, said Stephen Rose, a senior community manager for Windows at Microsoft. Incidentally, the software maker has already started distributing copies of the final Windows 7 code to the subscribers of MSDN and TechNet from as early as August 6.

Our Comments

This was something we'd expect and is squarely targeting the small and medium businesses who do not have the necessary bandwidth to subscribe to MSDN/Technet or get a SAV licensing agreement. With an ever increasing number of new one-man band and small companies starting in a recession, Microsoft wants as many people to run on Windows 7 before it is actually launched.

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