Apple Finally Solves Snow Leopard's "Spinning Wheel Of Death"?

Apple scrambled to provide a handful of patches for a technical glitch, referred to as “the spinning wheel of death”, which occurs when they attempt to upgrade to Apple’s new operating system.

Incidentally, Apple’s support forum has been flooded by a number of Mac users complaining about system freeze when they tried upgrading systems with the Snow Leopard operating system.

A majority of these solutions simply require users restarting upgraded Macs from the boot discs of Snow leopard while pressing the C key, or some variations in the process from there.

Industry sources reported that Apple issued early build of its OS upgrade to developers earlier this week, just a few days after Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard appeared in the market, to address some of the technical issues, including the spinning wheel of death and other application compatibility glitches.

Citing one of the technical issues, Apple suggests in its online support forum, “Your Mac may start up to a gray screen after upgrading from Mac OS X v10.5 to Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. This may occur if a previous Mac OS X v10.5 software update had been downloaded using Software Update, but not completely installed, before installing Snow Leopard”.

Our Comments

Apple also has its own issues with its operating system; this is a welcomed change compared to the barrage of complaints we usually see for Microsoft and Windows. One can also expect an increase in the number of vulnerabilities and weaknesses found in Apple's operating system.

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