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Samsung Still Leads The Way In LED TVs Sales

Samsung has introduced a full set of LED televisions at the IFA event in Germany, showing that it will be powering ahead with the production of the super slim TV panels.

The Korean consumer electronic giant sees LED televisions which are backlit rather than sidelit as a stepping stone towards AMOLED which still needs more research and development before it is released.

And LED TV sales are doing fine; Digitimes reports that by July, more than 700,000 units were sold worldwide, just four months after the first televisions were rolled out of production lines.

The company sold 500,000 televisions in the 100 days to the end of July. Samsung also reckons that it will be shipping two million units in 2009 which is 10 percent of its worldwide annual LCD shipment.

Analysts expect more expensive LED televisions to account for up to 35 percent of the global LCD market by next year as more production lines churn out LED sets and the recession gradually comes to an end.

The president of Samsung's visual display division, Yoon Boo-Keun, told the Korean Times newspaper that "It's hard for a product to succeed, no matter what compelling new technology it contains, if consumers are not interested in it. We are doing a good job in evaluating what consumers value most, and integrating our technologies and marketing strategies accordingly".

Our Comments

LED TV sets do not come cheap. The cheapest model, a 32-inch one, costs £799 which is more than twice the average selling price of a television of similar proportion. A 46-inch model can cost up to £2200, which can buy three 50-inch Plasma sets from Panasonic.

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