DSGi Staff To Be Investigated For Poking Fun At "Stupid" Customers Via Facebook

Staff at PC World and Currys are facing disciplinary measures after being lambasting customers of parent company, DSGi, on social networking website, Facebook.

Paul Smith from Consumer website Bitterwallet discovered that dozens of staff have branded their customers as "retards" or "tw*ts". One staff member even boosted of having an affair with a customer after adding her as a friend of MySpace using details he obtained illegally from a sale.

Some like Mr Davis, apparently a DSGi employee from West Midlands, said that some customers are a***holes with some "colleagues" saying that a few deserved to be punched or use a cattle prod on them.

What is more astonishing though is that this group is public and that the staff who commented on that have done so without even trying to hide their profiles. Many of the comments are fully accessible from Google and are still available 72 hours after it was first reported.

DSGi employs more than 3000 employees and a spokesperson for the company has confirmed that many of the comments were posted by former sfaff members and that they will be looking into the matter.

She added that 'People shouldn't be doing this if they are employed by the company but it's very difficult in today's internet world to control it, We do monitor things like this and we do take appropriate action."

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Paul, who is the editor at Bitterwallet, wrote: "What makes this even more astonishing is that according to group members, senior management are apparently aware of the Facebook group's existence and read through the comments on a regular basis; one member of staff claims to have been disciplined for offering poor sales advice through the group to another employee: 'Watch your backs,' he warns, 'big brother/head office is watching.'"

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