Facebook Better For Your Brain Than Twitter

According to research carried out by boffins at a Scottish university, using social networking website Facebook has more benefits for your working memory than playing around with Twitter.

Tracy Alloway, a psychologist at Stirling University, concurred at the British Science Festival that technology that commands short attention span - such as Youtube and Twitter - is "bad" for human brains.

On the other side, Facebook helps to train the brain as it forces us to use our memory cells more extensively to retain information about a much bigger number of entities like your friends.

Engagement on the popular social networking website is equivalent to going to a "gym" for brain cells and synapses.

Dr Alloway said of Twitter that "it can cause harm because it produces a stream of information every second with no opportunity to process or manipulate that information".

She also added that other activities such as Video war games and solving popular Sudoku puzzles provided with "a key element of intelligence that is vital to success in life".

Experiments have already been carried out by Dr Alloway's team that prove that brain training can improve students' IQ by an average of 10 points.

Our Comments

In a revealing sentence, Dr Tracy Alloway described what could cause some uneasiness in the scientific community "It doesn't matter if your mother left school at 15 or got a PhD, it's a level playing field. Not only does working memory have a profound impact on every aspect of our working lives but now there is exciting evidence that we can train it and improve it."

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