Google Adds New Features To Android Market

Addressing some of the common concerns of developers’ community, Google has spruced up its signature mobile app store, Android Market, by bringing upon a handful of key changes, according to a blog post from Google’s Eric Chu.

The new changes will allow developers to provide screenshots, icons, and descriptions to better market their apps on the platform.

In addition, the modifications will also enable users to easily explore the top paid and free apps, along with new additions to the store.

Google will be adding four new sub-categories - including sports, comics, health, and themes - on to Android Market, allowing developers to come up with the apps of their choice and target their customer-base effectively, Chu said.

However, the update won’t be addressing some of the other issues that developers have long expressed their discontent about, including the app return policy.

The policy, which allows any user to return an application within 24 hours for any reason, has been as a cause of concern for developers for a long time.

Furthermore, several developers have complained about miserable revenues from the Android Market.

Many, including Mat Hall from Larva Labs, blamed the search engine giant for not marketing the paid apps of the platform properly.

Incidentally, proposed changes in the app store’s interface could help developers advertise their paid apps in an effective manner, and even help them in promoting new additions to the platform.

Our Comments

Market lags behind Apple's App store significantly. The online service is already one year old and as of March this year had around 2300 applications, both free and paid for. Android's website say that the numbers run in the thousands. That compares poorly to the tens of thousands of apps that's available on the iPhone.

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