PS3 Sales Surge By 1000 Percent After Slim Console Appears

Sales of PS3 console have increased significantly after Sony introduced a new slim version of the gaming device and dropped its price by £30.

Dorian Bloch from Chart-track, said that week-to-week Playstation 3 sales had gone up by ten times with software sales going up by a much more modest 5 percent.

This means that the PS3 actually outsold its main competitors, the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 for the first time in nearly two years.

It also means that the PS3 is still lagging the Xbox 360 when it comes to games purchased. Another fact that can be inferred is that new PS3 users may have purchased PS3 Slim bundles rather than hardware alone.

In comparison, Chart-track says that sales of Xbox 360 increased by merely 29 percent over the same period although it does remain the platform which has the most valuable software.

Of all three main gaming platforms, only the Nintendo Wii hasn't cut its price but it seems that the latest figures will pile pressure on the Japanese console manufacturer to slash prices over the next few months.

Our Comments

It is a great news for media companies that the PS3 has become such a great platform. The PS3 already comes with a Blu-ray drive and if millions are sold, the transition from the ageing DVD format to Blu-ray will be quickened.

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