Spotify Demos App For S60 Platform

Online music service Spotify has demonstrated an application for the popular Symbian S60 platform, which is by far the most popular smartphone platform worldwide.

A video of Spotify running on a Nokia slide phone - like the Nokia 6500 slide - has been posted earlier today on the company's blog, hours after debuting on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Andres Sehr, Global Community Manager at Spotify, wrote on the startup's blog that "It’s an early version and we still have a fair bit of work to do before we can release it but we wanted to give you a little idea of what to expect."

Sehr also confirmed that the S60 will only be available for premium subscribers. It is likely that users on the S60 version will be multitask seamlessly, unlike iPhone owners. Spotify on the S60 will still be working whilst in the background.

The 117-seconds video shows a very seleek and issue-free Spotify experience. The S60 app is expected to offer all the features available on the other versions of the popular web service.

The only major mobile platforms that haven't been covered as it stands are Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It is not known whether Spotify will release two versions, one for S60v3 and one for S60v5.

Our Comments

Spotify is going from strength to strength it seems. The company is set to release its S60 application. Spotify has yet to say whether it will be allowing mobile purchases via 7Digital on the S60. In related news, Spotify has also said that nearly 100000 new tracks have been added last week.

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