Yahoo! Flickr Releases Native iPhone App

iPhone users now have another massive application to play with as popular photography website Flickr has released an official application for the iPhone platform which can be obtained for free from Apple's App Store (via iTunes).

The application makes it easier to share photos snapped via the iPhone with the rest of the world through your Flickr account.

Users will be able to shoot, upload and share photos and videos alike. Users will also be able to geo-tag the photos or add thenm to a set straight from the application itself.

Since Flickr has a dose of social networking capability build in; Flickr account holders will therefore see recent photo activities from their friends and family, plus there's the ability to search and sort phots by contag as well as making comments and mark them as favourites.

The same manipulations can be executed on videos as well. The Yahoo! own social image sharing wesbite also has its own mobile website at The application also requires iPhone OS 3.0 software or later and iPhone 3GS for video recording.

Our Comments

One more reason to buy the iPhone 3GS then? The video recording is apparently awesome and so is the interface. There's no easy way though of sending pictures to Twitter except by emailing it. Maybe Twitpic should come up with a easy to use application.

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