Apple Introduces "Uninspiring" 64GB iPod Touch

Apple has launched a 64GB version of its popular iPod Touch media player which has now reached its third generation and seems to be suffering from feature fatigue.

Notably absent from the feature list is the camera long promised and which is present on the iPod Nano. The rest of the specification is positively underwhelming though; there's 64GB storage, an ARM Cortex A8 processor - the same as on the iPhone 3GS - which is up to 50 percent faster than the previous generation.

Interestingly, this new iPod Touch supports Open GL ES 2.0 thanks to the PowerVR SGX processor. This means, at least in the long run, better looking games with more evolved graphics capabilities. The rest is pretty much standard; 3.5-inch screen (no oleophonic coating), WiFi, Bluetooth and iPod Touch 3.1 software.

Apple will also sell the 8GB and 32GB versions, which means that the 16GB one has been shown the door. The 64GB version can hold up to 80 hours of video, 90,000 photos and 14,000 songs. On a single charge, your iPod Touch will playback 30 hours of music or 6 hours of video playback.

Note that the main difference between the 8GB and the 16/32GB version is that the latter's earphone comes with voice control, remote and microphone. The 8GB iPod Touch costs £149, the 32GB version £229 and the 64GB model £299, all prices include shipping and laser engraving.

Our Comments

You know when a company has the upper hand on its customers when it openly tells them to buy a much more expensive product if there're unhappy with a cheaper one from their own line. Well too bad Apple doesn't want to put a camera in the iPod Touch. If you want one, you need to buy an iPhone.

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