Apple Sites Are Down, New Products On The Way

We won't have to wait for long for Apple's new iPod product range as Apple stores across the world currently down and will be back shortly with as expected some great products including a new iPod touch (3rd Generation) and a new Nano (5th Generation).

Today's questions though surround the uncertainty as to whether EMI will finally allow the Beatles back catalogue to join Apple's iTunes and if some members of the iPod family will get a camera or not.

Apple has already slashed the price of its iPod range, in one case by as much as 30 percent, as it prepares for the launch of new products and it is more than likely that it will also launch a new iTunes, the 9th version, which could bring some social networking features to help it compete with the likes of Spotify or

The official presentation and event by Apple will take place at 10AM Pacific Time /1PM EST.