Apple Slashes US iPod Prices Ahead Of San Francisco Event

The count down to the iPod event to be held this afternoon is underway and Apple has already managed to significantly slash prices of the iPod family in the US as it looks to crush Microsoft's Zune HD appeal.

The price of the 8GB iPod touch has fallen to $189, the 16GB to $249 and the 32GB version to $279; all models include free shipping and laser engraving. The price of the 32GB version fell by a whopping $120 over the past few hours.

Apple has also cut the prices of the 120GB iPod Classic to $229 from $249 (and forgot to update the prices in its navigation bar). The price of the iPod Nano drops by $20 as well to $129 while the price of the iPod Shuffle stays the same at $79.

As expected, those prices have yet to be rolled out in the UK and across the rest of the world. The 32GB iPod Touch still costs £283 in the UK, a jaw-dropping, stress-inducing 65 percent higher than in the US at the time of writing.

But spare a thought for the guys in France, arguably the European country where the iPod Touch is the most expensive. For some reason, Apple charges the Frenchies more than twice the US price for the 32GB iPod Touch.

Our Comments

Apple wrongfooted Microsoft by cutting the prices of the iPod Touch 32GB. A 64GB version will soon be introduced while the 8GB version will be removed which means that the minimum viable memory capacity for a music player on the market will be 16GB from now on.

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