C64 iPhone Emulator Approved Then Yanked From App Store

C64 retro lovers looking to play some good ol' games on the iPhone via the Commodore C64 emulator will have to wait for a few more days while lead developer Mamomio and his team sort out a few teething problems.

This piece of nostalgia comes with five free games - Dragons Den, Le Mans, Jupiter Lander, Arctic Shipwreck and Jack Attack. The old-school app will cost $5 with additional games costing between $0.99 and $2.

Commodore Gaming B.V has given its seal of approval to the app, making it the first officially licensed C64 merchandise. The abrupt removal of the C64 came because it could run BASIC 2.0, something that's not allowed by Apple.

According to the iPhone SDK, applications are not allowed to launch or install any other executable code. This led the developer to remove access to the BASIC shell which gave rise to a game of cat and mouse when someone managed to uncover a way of accessing the code.

Mamomio had no other choice than to remove the application from the App Store and remove the BASIC programming functionality. The C64 app comes with a virtual, customised keyboard complete with a virtual (red) joystick.

He commented that "Unfortunately, Apple has pulled the C64 Application from their store as it was discovered by some users that it was possible to enable the Basic program through the interface, we have now fixed the issue and our application has been re-submitted for approval by Apple."

Our Comments

We wonder whether there's any Amiga or ZX81 emulators on the App store. There are already scores of unofficial emulators online and this one will certainly be amongst the most popular simply because it is fully supported.

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