Debenhams Chitchats With Customers Via Twitter

Debenhams is all set to become the first retail chain in UK to embrace Twitter for answering customer queries and it plans to equip some its retail staff with smartphones to use the microblogging site.

The moves comes in wake of expected surge in traffic on account of its annual New Season Spectacular sale and the company believes that using Twitter will enable its staff to effectively help customers as they go around their shopping rounds through the store.

Explaining how Twitter will be used, the company said in a statement that "For one day only, six members of Debenhams staff in the Oxford Street store will become Twitter Assistants - answering and responding to customer requests via the social network. There will be one assistant on each floor of the building, answering queries from anyone using the service on their mobile whilst browsing in-store or those sitting at work itching to join the fun."

It is important to note that Twitter, which has become a hugely popular phenomenon on the internet, is being increasingly used for business applications and the move by Debenhams may encourage other retail chains to use Twitter for their customer service interactions in near future.

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That will be an interesting case scenario. Should Debenhams manage to generate significant sales or customer satisfaction, the operation is likely to get other high street retail stores to jump in the bandwagon altogether which in turn could encourage Twitter to set up paid for accounts.

Debenhams lets customers contact shop staff via Twitter


Debenhams first store to use Twitter

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