Fiber Connects Two Million Europeans To Fast Broadband

It seems that broadband penetration in Europe has not been affected by the global economic downturn as figures from a recent fibre to the home (FTTH) report show that over two million people in Europe currently have access to fibre broadband at their homes.

Among the nations surveyed, Sweden comes on top when it comes to percentage of broadband customers who have connectivity through fibre optic cables while UK does not even figure in the top ten countries.

Overall across Europe, a growth of 18% in fibre based broadband connectivity has been recorded and analysts believe that the penetration is likely to increase at a higher rate in coming years.

Expressing his views on the subject, Karel Helsen, the president of Europe's FTTH, mentioned "The numbers in 2009 are in line with the latest forecasts".

He also went on to add that by 2012, the FTTH council believes that more than 13 million people across Europe will have access to high speed fibre based internet networks which typically offer speeds of 100 mbps.

Mr Helsen also pointed out that local governments across Europe are quite interested in rolling out fibre based networks owing to their high economic and social benefits.

Our Comments

A few more million Britons are likely to be connected to high speed internet thanks to fiber optic cables over the next few years thanks to Virgin Media's high speed broadband network. Currently, most high speed solutions though are hybrid involving FTTC (FIber to the Cabinet) solutions with copper then taking over from the cabinet.

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