Microsoft Targets Linux & Macs In Latest Windows 7 Marketing Drive

With the launch of Windows 7 only a few weeks from now, Microsoft has stepped up its efforts to promote its flagship operating system.

It has reportedly distributed training literature to some American retailers like Best Buy which point out at shortcomings in rival operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X.

The retail training from Microsoft allegedly uses facts and points in a manner that derides rival offerings and is designed to make retail executives understand that Microsoft products are what a typical customer would be looking for.

Microsoft claims that Linux only works with a few specified peripherals or with limited online services, hardly comes with any significant support and it also does not work with games "your customers want," .

Some critics of Microsoft argue that its talking point program is aimed at discouraging retail employees of leading retailers from selling Linux PCs or Macs and instead aims at providing them with credible reasons why Windows should make for a better choice.

According to Apple Insider, Microsoft is also planning to bring in a new training series for retail employees which will target Macintosh based systems from Apple.

Our Comments

It is important to note that the initial roll out of Windows 7 is expected to be very crucial for Microsoft which incidentally is still reeling under the less than expected sales of Windows Vista. Microsoft heavy handed approach may backfire though; instead, it should be concentrating on evangelising the intrinsic qualities of Windows 7 & ignore the competition.

Microsoft launches retail-level attack on Linux'

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Microsoft unleashes retail talking points attacking Linux, Macs

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