Mobile Phones Get Bluetooth Burglar Alarm

In an attempt to counter the increasing incidents of mobile theft, TenBu Technologies, a British Startup, has introduced an innovative gadget called ‘Nio’ that is designed to raise an alarm if a thief attempts to steal an user’s mobile phone.

The small device essentially consists of a USB dongle which remains in touch with the user’s mobile phone through Bluetooth connection and creates a ‘security zone’ of around 20 metres around the mobile.

The idea behind the device is based on incidents of theft; street thieves work in pairs and one of them tries to distract the mobile owner while the other attempts to rob the person of his or her handset.

With ‘Nio’, mobile phone owners can instantly become aware when their handsets are not around them; in addition the devise is also expected to help people when they forget their mobiles in their cars or workplace.

However the device does have the possibility of generating a false alarm whenever a person is not around his handset; something even its creators acknowledge.

Fraser Ritchie, from TenBu remarked "We are not in the business of trying to panic people into thinking they are a target of thieves every time they leave their front door".

Our Comments

Protecting your phone is becoming more critical as this gadget which was once limited to making calls now provides with a back door to all your data and your personal details. This is why you should be constantly vigilant about where your talking device is to save you from some pretty tough times.

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