New iPods Appear Online In Australia, China & US

Cases for the 5th Generation iPod Nano and the 3rd Generation iPod Touch have appeared in the US at Bestbuy, in China on and in Australia in an online store called Cygnett.

Unfortunately, Bestbuy has taken down the page, possibly due to a slight nudge from Apple's legal department. Some of the products which have been pulled include a iClear Shade Case from Griffin Technology.

Cygnett's photos are the most detailed and shows an iPod Touch complete with a camera while the iPod Nano has an elongated screen which should make it ideal for widescreen video content.

The iPod accessories available on Cygnett include screen protectors, leather cases, protective clear case, glossy case and sport armband. Unsurprisingly though, it is Chinese Alibaba which stocks the most products for the soon-to-be announced iPod range.

We found silicon cases, FM transmitters (both stand alone and for car), chargers for the iPod Nano 5th generation and for the iPod Touch 3rd generation.