Spotify App Reaches Top Spot in Free App Store Ranking

iPhone users have flocked en masse to iTunes to download the free App launched two days ago by online music service Spotify, so much so that it currently ranks as the most downloaded application on iTunes, raking in nearly 4000 ratings.

It seems though that the fact many of those who downloaded the application forgot that Spotify on iPhone is only available for those willing to fork out £10 per month for the premium service.

Jake931 for example says that "the app would be great if I could use it, but I can't as I don't have a premium account and I can't afford to get one", before slapping a one star out of five.

Given that the average star rating of the free app is two, it would mean that quite a few downloaders were disappointed by the lack of functionality of the free Spotify app.

In related news, a survey carried out by New Media Age found out that around 35 percent of its readers would be willing to pay for the premium Spotify service that would let them use the free iPhone App.

This is an encouraging figure for the startup given that on average out of every 100 subscribers, only two will pay £10 for the premium service.

Our Comments

Spotify will certainly slash its price at a later stage given the leeway it currently has. £10 per month for music that you don't own is slightly exaggerated. £5 or the price of an album would be more acceptable in this cash-strapped economy.

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