Apple Announces iPhone OS 3.1 Update

In its much-hyped “It's Only Rock and Roll” event in San Francisco on 9 September, Apple has unveiled iPhone OS 3.1 update, which is now available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Among the most notable additions to this update, Apple has incorporated “Genius” functionality to its App Store, which will recommend what apps users could go for on the basis what they already have installed on their device.

The feature was first introduced in iTunes 8, and employed complex algorithms to recommend tracks and albums that users may want to purchase from the iTunes store.

This could come handy for those who find it difficult to browse through a massive 75,000 apps to get the most useful applications. Apple has also managed to roll out Peer to Peer gaming, stero bluetooth and Spotlight Search.

In addition, the company announced that the iPhone users will now be able to download ringtones directly from its Apps store. Along the same line, Apple will make around 30,000 ringtones available at the time of launch, with each ringtone priced at $1.29.

Other features of the update include redeem iTunes Gift Cards and access account credits in the App Store, feature to manage App Store better, remotely lock an iPhone with a passcode using MobileMe, save videos from MMS and mails, just to mention a few.

Our Comments

iPhone OS 3.1 hasn't introduced any massively impressive features; instead the developers have tied up a few loose threads here and there. We're not too sure about the fact that Apple brought in the Genius functionality to the App Store. Applications, as far as we are concerned, are slightly different from music or videos. After all, how likely are you to download 10 photo applications?

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