Flight Sim Site Avsim Tracks Down Hacker

The publisher of a popular flight simulator website, Avsim, which became a target of a hacking attempt back in May has reportedly presented a file of evidence to Scotland Yard identifying the hacker.

In the dossier presented to the UK police Avsim claimed that it had “incontrovertible evidence” about the attacker’s identity, according to the BBC.

The hacking attack against Avsim erased data on two of its servers holding forum posts and other software modifications done over a decade or so. The attack “effectively destroyed” the website, which is still being repaired, the company added.

Unfortunately, Avsim failed to look at the probable need of a master copy of the information stored on its servers, an issue that sparked some criticism during the attack.

Discussing about the company’s complaints against the attack, Tim Allensworth, the CEO and publisher at Avsim said, “We will not name any names, but have incontrovertible evidence of the individual that performed the hack”.

“We have protected the forensic evidence and provided that evidence to the London police. We are committed to bringing justice to bear on this case”, Allensworth added.

The US-based company said it has already spent a whopping $50,000 in bringing the site back online, including $25,000 donated by its users.

Our Comments

Not having a data master copy of your files is pure folly; backing up data even if it costs money gives you some sort of insurance against such incidents. Surely, if the hacker who resides in the UK is caught, he should be extracted to the US just like Gary McKinnon. It will be interesting to find out what will happen.

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