IBM Engineer Tweaks House To Twitter

Dr Andy Stanford-Clark, an engineer at IBM, has configured his vintage cottage so that it can now send him messages through the microblogging website Twitter

The house also informs him about a number of things from its estimated power consumption to whether a mouse has been caught in a trap.

The 16th-century cottage has now become one of the world’s most high-tech homes and includes numerous sensors connected to the microblogging site.

Consequently, these sensors transmit messages over the website, keeping Dr Stanford-Clark abreast about what’s going on in the house.

If anything goes unusual, such as a light being left on, or a window or door is left open, the house itself sends tweets informing its owner.

In addition, he has also installed wireless switches so that lights, pond fountain, and the heating equipments can automatically be turned on and off remotely by using a computer or a mobile phone.

Touting his idea about rigging up the house with Twitter, Dr Stanford-Clark said: “Any device in the house can send a message to Twitter about what it is doing. It feels the heartbeat of the house.

"This can help us take steps to reduce energy bills. Mine has dropped by a third in the last year. These systems are also relatively inexpensive to set up - a basic one would be £150”, he added.

Our Comments

Stanford-Clark has barely scratched the surface of what Twitter (or indeed any microblogging website) can offer in terms of real time messaging. It could potentially allow users to have a log of what is happening in real time in their house while not at home and consequently take the necessary measures should there be a break-in or a pest infection.

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