iPod Nano Range Gets Price Cut, "Unexciting" New Video Camera

Apple's new iPod Nano was possibly the most sought after product of yesterday's release as it was the only one which came with a genuinely new feature, a video camera that was until now merely a rumour.

The new 5th generation iPod Nano is now really a portable media player, one which can play audio, video and display photos. It also sports a brushed aluminium chassis which gives it a posher finish.

The device's screen has increased significantly to 2.2-inch (240x376 pixels) while the video camera is merely a VGA-type camera which cannot be used to take photos.

It records footage at 640 x 480 pixels in H.264 format at up to 30 fps and with AAC audio; on top of that you can add 15 different realtime "gimmicky" special effects.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has been very careful not to jeopardise the iPhone's established feature base. HD dedicated portable camera manufacturers like Flip and Creative are also likely to dismiss fears that the iPod Nano with video might have been a potential threat.

Other features that have been added include VoiceOver, a clever way that allows the player to speak out the names of songs and artists thereby eliminating the need to look at the Nano's screen.

The iPod Nano - which is available in nine different colours - retails at £115 for the 8GB version and £135 for the 16GB model; prices include free laser engraving as well as delivery.

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Apple has also managed to cram in an FM radio which also features Live Pause, which pause, take a break and come back. In a nutshell, it is a PVR for Audio. Last but not least, the Nano integrates a pedometer with Nike+ compatibility.

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