Markets McLovin' Apple & Steve Jobs

Apple shares rose in after hours trading in the US as the company looks set to wipe out the one percent it suffered yesterday to reach its highest share price for more than one year.

Even if the line up of new Apple products and services was more not as spectacular as expected (remember the Apple Tablet PC?), the return of Steve Jobs at the helm of the company was enough to make up for any disappointment.

Since the beginning of the year, Apple's shares price has more than doubled, more than three times the growth of the Nasdaq index over the same period and four times the rise in the price of Microsoft's shares.

It now means that Apple is now the second biggest technology company behind Microsoft. It leads a trio of companies which all have a market capitalisation of $153 billion.

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And what's good news for Apple is bad news for its competitors, Palm loss a staggering 8.75 percent in one session as pressure piles on the device manufacturer who pioneered the concept of PDA.

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