PS3 Now Accounts For 10 Percent Of BBC iPlayer Views

In an extraordinary revelation, the BBC has claimed that Sony PS3 has become the second most popular platform for viewing shows through its signature iPlayer video on demand service.

The broadcaster said that Sony PS3 has accounted for a 10 percent share of the total viewing figures, and reached the second spot surpassing the Mac’s share of 8.5 percent, according to sources.

This hike in viewing figures comes after Sony released 3.0 firmware update for its PS3 console, which added capability to access BBC iPlayer service, along with the host of several other new features.

The firmware update has proven to be a big boost for both Sony and the BBC, with the controller of BBC online media, Anthony Rose, saying: “User response to our new iPlayer for PS3 has been amazing, [it] now accounts for a massive 10 per cent of all iPlayer viewing”.

Rose further suggested that this “enthusiastic reception” clearly pointed out to the fact that users are looking to have their favourite iPlayer service on their TV - something that “bodes well” for the proposed Project Canvas and other IPTV propositions.

The BBC has already introduced an enhanced version of its iPlayer service for the PS3 console earlier this week.

Our Comments

Interesting statistics; the PS3 console is apparently winning the war when it comes to media centres in the lounge. Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are not only gaming consoles but also increasingly be converted into full blown personal computers over the next few years as they pack more features and firepower.

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