Sony Set To Unleash 250GB PS3 Slim Console In October?

Sony could be releasing a premium version of its popular PS3 Slim console with a 250GB hard disk drive - more than twice the 120GB capacity of the current Slim model - for around 350 Euros.

According to gaming website Eurogamer, the game console would be bundled with FIFA 2010 and sold exclusively in Spain through the high street retailer Game which is also present in the UK.

Expect the console to land in the UK for around £300 and possibly with other games such as Assassin's Creed II, Gran Turismo 5 or Uncharted 2 (that's according to another deep throat that contacted Eurogamer).

Microsoft has already plans to release a 250GB Xbox console by the end of the year and details of a 250GB Xbox Elite (or SuperElite) console appeared in Germany and in South African already.

The only other SKU currently available for the PS3 is the old 80GB "Fat" model which is almost certainly going to be phased out as Sony liquidates existing stocks to reduce production cost and rationalises distribution and aftersales.

Sony appears to be positioning the Playstation 3 as an all rounder machine rather than a dedicated gaming platform; the fact that it can be used to view Freeview channels (with an optional tuner) and BBC iPlayer content makes it an altogether better alternative than the Xbox 360 for now.

Our Comments

The only difference between the 120GB and the 250GB PS3 console is likely to be the hard disk capacity only. With prices of hard disk drives falling rapidly, it is likely that a 500GB Playstation 3 console will be available in 2010. A 500GB notebook drive can be had for around £60 and a 1TB drive has already been launched.

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