Steve Jobs Back In Business After Liver Transplant

Apple’s iconic leader, Steve Jobs, has acknowledged in public for the first time that he underwent a liver transplant around five months back - and the donor was in his mid-20s who died in a car accident.

Addressing the launch of fresh line up of iPods, his first public appearance in around a year, Jobs said: “I am very happy to be here today with you all.”

“About five months ago I had a liver transplant. So I now have the liver of a mid-20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their [sic] organs”, he added.

Steve Jobs’ health has been a subject of constant speculations since he underwent a surgery for pancreatic cancer back in 2004.

The matter further received hype after media organisations and analysts expressed concerns over his increasingly frail appearance during public events last year.

In the event, Mr Jobs unveiled a new iPod Nano that has the feature to record video and directly upload it on to YouTube.

It further incorporates a new feature called “iTunes LP”, which adds videos, lyrics, liner notes, and other such stuffs to buyers of albums instead of single tracks.

The software also lets listeners to post details about the songs they are listening to on to social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Our Comments

Glad to see Mr Jobs back in the company that he moulded to his image. Apple has been one of the most successful technology companies in the past decade, with a rag to riches storyline along the way. There's always a chance of a relapse but hopefully let's hope that Steve Jobs' health will keep on improving.

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