Apple Silently Launches Mac OS X 10.6.1 Update

Within a couple of weeks after it unleashed Snow Leopard, Apple has issued an update to its latest operating system, bringing a host of compatibility and stability improvements, along with addressing a single security snag - the older iteration of the Flash plug-in for Safari.

The upgrade, codenamed as “Mac OS X v10.6.1”, incorporates some of the common OS fixes that improves the “stability, compatibility and security of your Mac”, the company noted in a summary of the update.

The Flash update was significant as the Snow Leopard installer was slammed for installing an outdated version of Flash player plug-in that had security flaws, even if the user already had a newer version installed.

The update employs the latest version of the Flash player plug-in, codenamed as ’’, on to users’ Apple Mac computers.

Among the most notable fixes, the OS upgrade offers enhanced compatibility with Sierra Wireless 3G modems. Furthermore, it also rectifies a technical snag that resulted into some printers drivers not appearing adequately in the "Add Printer" browser.

In addition, Apple has addressed an issue that at times led DVD playback to stop accidentally, and other that often made it cumbersome to remove an item from the Dock application.

Then there's this problem in which the Command-Option- T keyboard shortcut would sometimes display the menu containing special characters in software including TextEdit and Mail.

Our Comments

The product life cycles now seem to be going on forever. It shows also that even the biggest software companies - like Apple - cannot possibly ensure that their applications are 100 percent safe, however hard they try. The numbers of combinations and permutations is simply too overwhelming.

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