Facebook Faces Legal Threat From Amir Khan Over Racist Pages

UK boxing champion Amir Khan and his promoter Frank Warren, are threatening Facebook with a lawsuit, alleging that the site carries abusive and defamatory remarks about the British boxer.

The duo have engaged lawyers to warn the US-based social networking platform with legal action over the usage of images, names and other materials alongside other entries they consider defamatory and racist, and to complain about the amount of time they poured in to remove such content.

Warren, who has already fought a handful of high-profile legal battles, is believed to be set to force Facebook to change its policy and take up responsibility for the derogatory opinions and remarks posted by its registered users.

The duo’s lawyer, Stephen Taylor Heath, head of the sports and media at Lupton Fawcett, said that he hoped other celebrities and sports stars would join Khan’s campaign against libel remarks on Facebook.

“At the moment the owners of Facebook do not seem to be taking this problem seriously. We have written to them outlining our concerns but all we received was a standard acknowledgement. We are still awaiting a response from their legal department”, Taylor Heath said.

Facebook responded to the issue by saying that it takes time to educate users about the rules and incorporate a reporting link from each page to make his process even easier for its users.

“In the case of Frank Warren, we have removed a number of comments that violate our polices and have taken additional action against some of the users who posted them, including permanently disabling their account”, Facebook said in a statement.

Our Comments

Facebook is an ever growing entity, a sprawling virtual environment which is very difficult to control. This latest issue involving racist taunts and remarks is something that unfortunately was bound to happen. The onus is now on Facebook to act quickly not only to remove the comments but also to educate more effectively its users.

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