Palm Denies Early UK Pre Debut

Palm has confirmed that it won't be launching its Pre smartphone next week during the Playbite 2009 event, contrary to an article that has appeared online.

A spokesperson for the company told tech website V3 that the event to which an article published in PC Advisor referred to was Playbite, which will be held on the 15th (ed: the same day as Motorola is launching its Android Dext in the UK).

Playbite is marketed as a "one-day showcase gives the UK press access to the latest technological innovation under one roof" and is restricted to journalists.

The Pre - together with products from various companies like Sony or Kingston - will be present for journalists to play with them.

Officially, Palm is set to launch the Pre on O2 in the UK by the end of the year with Friday the 30th of October being the most talked about date. Palm Europe sent us a nice reminder by email which may or may not be a hint about things to come.

It is not known whether O2 will also inherit the distribution exclusivity for the Pre's little sister, Pixi. One thing however is certain, the Pre won't be cheap and we expect its monthly contract costs to be as expensive as the iPhone 3G.

Our Comments

Oh well, even if Pre is not launched over the next few days, we will only need to wait for a few more weeks to see the real thing. The problem though for Palm is that there are already scores of smartphones which will be launched by the end of the year, some of which could eclipse the Pre completely.

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