Spotify Goes Back To Invite-Only To Slow Down New Subscribers

Online streaming music phenomenon Spotify has reverted back to its "invite-only" membership format in the UK because of the huge demand (and subsequent pressures) that it has to face here.

The company was an invite-only startup for the first few months of its life as it tweaked its beta service and opened up back in February, attracting around eight million users in Europe with more than two million in UK alone.

UK was the only territory where the membership to the service was not invite only. The Swedish outfit launched iPhone and Android versions of its application and is readying a S60 version for soon.

Unsurprisingly, Spotify will still allow premium paid-for users and current users to get instant access to the service. It has also confirmed, via Andres Sehr on the startup's blog, that it will be offering the option to pay by Paypal.

Current Spotify users can invite their friends to join in and it is likely that as soon as they manage to get enough servers up and running, they will be re-opening their doors to new users again.

Our Comments

Spotify is growing too rapidly and is suffering the same fate as Twitter. Surprisingly though, the system has been working perfectly well suffering with no apparent downtime, due partly to its efficient caching system. T3 reckons that there might be something fishy about Spotify trying to limit the number of free punters joining.

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