Technology Encourage Teenagers To Cheat Says Survey

A recent research has revealed that the increased use of contemporary technologies, such as mobile and computers, has been hampering school-aged children’s ability of independent study by promoting the tendency to cheat.

The study, conducted by the Cranfield School of Management, has found that around 6 in every 10 students have been copying content directly from websites for completing their homework without even properly reading what they copied.

Unfortunately, more than a quarter (28.5 percent) of the respondents believed that it was an acceptable practice, despite knowing it was considered as plagiarism.

More than a third of the teenagers questioned also believed that text language had affected the quality of their written English, and 60 percent admitted to being addictive to the internet.

In addition, more than half of the respondents acknowledged that they were addicted to their mobile phones.

Commenting upon the eye-opening revelation, the professor of International Management Development at Cranfield, Andrew Kakabadse said: “Our research shows that technology obsession hinders spelling skills, implicitly encourages plagiarism, and disrupts classroom learning.”

He further went on to admit that in spite of strict school policies, students have frequently been using mobile phones in the school premises, with the majority of them making calls from the toilets.

“The mobile phone continues to be a prime channel of social communication during the school day”, he added.

Our Comments

Many teenagers and younger adults have lost the ability to use their brains and hands to perform tasks (and calculations) the old way. Technology, as good as it can be, has managed to turn quite a few into keyboard tapping zombies. The problem is that relying only on technology without having a good knowledge of the three "R" is a recipe for disaster.

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