AMD Vision Program To Piggyback On Windows 7 Launch?

Beleaguered Chip maker AMD has presented its new Vision platform which aims at making life simpler for the consumers who buy computers and laptop but could end up making the purchase process significantly more complicated.

AMD is trying to apply the concept of segmentation to computer, something that has been fairly popular in the car industry. In a nutshell, you have three levels, Vision, Vision Premium and Vision Ultimate plus there are rumours that another one, Vision Black could be added.

Cynics will say that AMD needed a similar scheme because it can no longer catch up with Intel when it comes to sheer performance per dollar and needed something quickly. Other Cynics may also see a simple marketing ploy aimed at tying AMD's hardware with Microsoft's massive marketing drive behind Windows 7 starting end of October.

Indeed, Vision to a certain extent is merely moving goals and changing the rules of the game when your competitor (in this case Intel) becomes too strong. This has been done before with the controversial Performance Rating scheme (PR-Rating) which AMD introduced during the early days of Intel's Pentium processor.

AMD, it seems, will shy away from sheer technical lingo (where it would have lost against Intel) and adopt a more down to earth marketing approach emphasizing what you can do with your computer rather than what is the amount of L2 cache it has.

Nigel Dessau, chief marketing officer of AMD, said about the release of Vision that "Consumer focus groups tell us they don’t want to talk about the technology. They say that the speed of the processor no longer defines their PC experience."

He admitted that on behalf of his company that "The only thing we have working against us is 20 years of processor marketing. Or really, one year of processor marketing that we’ve all repeated 19 times".

Our Comments

It is quite a coincidence that AMD's Vision came a few days after Intel launched its ground-breaking Core i5 platform, one which will give nightmares to the bean counters at AMD.

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