Acer Shows Off AMD-based Ferrari One Netbook

Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has quietly released a new netbook called the Ferrari One that integrates AMD's latest mobile venture, the Congo platform.

Andy Vandervell from Trustedreviews previewed the netbook and reports that the core of the Ferrari One will consist of an AMD Athlon X2 L310 processor, which is a dual core CPU running at 1.2GHz with 1MB L2 cache.

This is backed by a M780G chipset which used the HD-capable ATI Radeon 3200 integrated graphics card. Then, there's an 11.6-inch screen that displays 1366x768 pixels (HD-ready it is then), 2GB memory, a 250GB hard dsik drive and a card reader.

Other noteworthy characteristics include Dolby Home Therater, Support for an external video card, a chiclet keyboard with a multitouch mousepad and a rather stylish textured palmrest with the legendary Ferrari horse. The laptop is expected to come with Windows 7 Home Premium or Starter. PC Pro says that the Ferrari One will ship with 64-bit OS only.

Connection-wise, the Ferrari One comes with Gb Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi (no 802.11n though) while a six-cell battery will make sure that the netbook runs for at least five hours (or at least Acer wants us to believe so).

Acer has judiciously chosen an exquisite finish together with conspicuous and strategically placed logos of the Ferrari logo. Note the AMD Vision and Windows stickers that hijack the palm rest as usual.

The laptop will be available on the 22nd of October which incidentally is when Windows 7 will be officially launched and is expected to cost around £440 (or roughly twice the price of the average netbook).

Our Comments

Whether this is an ultra portable laptop or strictly speaking a netbook remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome of the debate, the fact remains that the Ferrari One is a red hot portable computer with a carbon-fiber chassis. Acer probably considers it as a netbook though given the "One" tag.

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